Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

WAYFARER "Letumus Cathari" pre-orders up now!

The pre-orders for the new WAYFARER 7" entiteled "Letumus Cathari" are up now! It will be a nice heavy picture-disc that comes with three different cover from us, Carry The Weight Records (UK) and Green Menance Records (SWE).

Expect some over the top epic clevo-worshipping!

To order just drop me an email at or visit our webstore at

Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

"Hybris" is OUT NOW"

Dear brothers and sisters,

after some minor delays and trouble with the pressing-plant COLDBURN´s debut EP has finally arrived at Worship HQ!

The pre-orders have already been shiped. So if you haven´t got yours now you will by early next week. The regular version is ready to be ordered NOW!

Just visit our webshop at or just write

Mailorders / distros ask for wholesale-prices!


Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

"Hybris" is ready to be pre-ordered

Dear sisters and brothers,

the pre-order for COLDBURN´s debut EP "Hybris" is starting today! Get your copy at or just write

Pre-Orders get red / black splatter-vinyl! Additionally all copies come with a download-code.

Check some of the new songs on COLDBURN´s MySpace or Facebook

Pre-Orders will be shipped by the end of december.

Montag, 27. September 2010

COLDBURN & WORLD PEACE sign with Worship Records

Dear brothers and sisters,

it has been a long, boring and eventless summer. But with the fog and rain comes news from the WSR-headquarters.

First and foremost I´m happy to inform you that we have two new signings to announce:

(Leipzig / Berlin) 

we at WSR had an eye on this pretty young band from eastern Germany for quite some time now. So when we heard that they were writing new songs for an EP we just had to act and get our hands on them.

This masterpiece of dark and heavy Hardcore entitled "Hybris" will see the light of day in late December 2010.

Expect some release infos, cover-artwork and pre-orders within the next few weeks.


Not as young but just as awesome are Dinslaken´s own WORLD PEACE. Having released two demos and a split 7" with ONE ON ONE and having played a ton of shows over the last three years these guys know the deal.

Six new songs for their 7" on WSR are being recorded right now. Expect some raw and dirty old-school Hardcore mixed with a good dose of NYHC.

Details such as release-date, artwork and pressing infos will be released later this year.

On the downside NEVER AGAIN decided to call it quits after a successfull tour together with AYS and WAYFARER last month. Their last shows will be:

9th October - This Is Europe Fest - Holland
15th October - Purple Turtle - London
16th October - Gothenburg Edge Day - Sweden
7th November - CTW Fest  - Canterbury

Come to these shows and pay your last respect to a band that truly shook up the scene!


Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Upcoming WSR-Tours / KINGDOM ccaa mortuus est

Upcoming Worship tours:


get in touch:

Also KINGDOM are calling it quits. The 7" on Worship Records won´t happen anymore. But feel free to download the whole thing here:

Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

FORFEIT are calling it quits / SKULLCRUSHER / STAY HUNGRY euro-tour

Dear brothers and sisters,

we hate to tell you FORFEIT are no longer a band and therefor won´t come over this summer. CORNERED will still be doing a little europe-tour with Wales´ own IRONCLAD! Check the dates on and help them out if you can!

The good news is we are sending our good friends in STAY HUNGRY on the road again this fall! This time supporting none other than Americas allstar-band SKULLCRUSHER!!

Skull Crusher is an attempt by obsessed fans of hard music to capture that elusive gray where hardcore, metal, and rock morph into one relentless wall of sound where everything seems somewhat classic and familiar, yet simultaneously fresh and dynamic. The backbone is classic New York Hardcore, but with the nods to vintage thrash metal and sinister, overdriven hard rock. In a word: Power.

Ed McKirdy [Hands Tied, Triple Threat, The Killing Flame] on vocals
Gordo [Double Cross] on drums
Dan Cav [Resurrection, Mouthpiece] on guitar
Hugo Fitzgerald [On the Rise] on bass

Joining them on tour are Skull Crusher´s labelmates Stay Hungry from sweden. Stay Hungry will release their new LP in summer/fall this year.

SKULL CRUSHER (us | livewire records, reflections records)

STAY HUNGRY (se | reflections records)

The time-period for this tour is: 28th of October - 10th of November 2010

Get in touch if you are interested in doing a show:

Montag, 12. April 2010

Never Again "Pressure" 7" SOLD OUT

Hi there, my brothers and sisters!

Never Again´s "pressure" EP is officially sold out from us as well as from the band! Try you local mailorder or check ebay!

Dienstag, 30. März 2010

NEVER AGAIN tour starting this week!

Dear brothers and sisters,

the NEVER AGAIN 2010 touring-marathon continues! This time they´re taking Sweden´s fellow edge-men STAY HUNGRY with them!
Support europe´s new breed! Go to the shows, buy a shirt, a record, whatever! They deserve it!

02.04 Jönköping, Sweden @ Insekten
03.04 Wunstorf, Germany @ Wohnwelt
04.04 Arnhem, Netherlands @ The Stage 05.04 Izegem, Belgium @ JOC De Schuur
06.04 Paderborn, Germany @ Kulturwerkstatt
07.04 Nürnberg, Germany @ Kunstverein
08.04 Wroclaw, Polad @ CRK Squat
09.04 Pozan, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat
10.04 Forst, Germany @ Bunten Haus

Also I (Niels) will be on tour with Kiel´s modern-hardcore monster ANY PORT IN THE STORM (, so the office will be closed till April 12th.
I will still be checking my emails, but if you place an order don´t expect it to be shipped before that date!

Take care!

Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

Summer tours!

Yo Guys!

We´re working like hell on our upcoming summer tours. If you are into one of our bands get back at us:


period: 05 july - 25 july 2010


period: 03 september - 19 September 2010


Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

The Future´s looking bright, brothers and sisters!

Hi everyone,

there are a lot of things in the making at the WSR-HQ! We´ll give you a little summary.


First of all, NEVER AGAINs debut 7" called "Pressure" is out now and can be ordered either from or

Expect six tracks of raging high-speed hardcore-punk and stomping mosh! Be quick, so you don´t have to whine when NEVER AGAIN are going through the roof and you didn´t get your copy in time!

Also the CORNERED / COLD SNAP split 7" is still available! Be quick, we´re down to our last copies!

We are also very proud to announce that Germanys best kept secret and long-time friends KINGDOM joined the WSR-Family! After being the longest-running german band without a proper release for far too long we´re going to release their debut 7" in late April! Heavily rock-influenced Hardcore from Cologne! We´ll keep you updated


To support the release of their EP NEVER AGAIN are doing a sweet little tour with Sweden´s best STAY HUNGRY in April!

Here are the dates so far:

02.04 Jönköping, Sweden @ Insekten
03.04 Wunstorf, Germany @ Wohnwelt
04.04 Arnhem, Netherlands @ The Stage
05.04 Belgium TBC
06.04 Paderborn, Germany @ Kulturwerkstatt
07.04 Nürnberg, Germany @ Kunstverein
08.04 Wroclaw, Poland @ CRK
09.04 Pozan, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat
10.04 Forst, Germany @ Bunten Haus

Also, since 2010 is the official NEVER AGAIN-year they will do another european-tour in September. This time supporting none other than A.Y.S. together with californias own ROTTING OUT.

This tour is happening between the 3rd and the 18th September. If you can hook us up with a show contact

Also FORFEIT are comming back to Europe! This time supported by CORNERED.

The period is from 5th to 25th of July. it´s the same game for this tour, write to if you can help us out with a show!

KINGDOM are available for weekend-dates throughtout the whole year. Just write us!

Also COLD SNAP will be playing the LIGHT THE FUSE-Fest on 27th February and will also be seen on the mainland later in 2010.


Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010


We will release NEVER AGAINs 7" called "Pressure" next week. Make sure that you check their awesome live video from the London Underworld before. Stay tuned.


NeverXAgain - Iron Youth from Positive Network on Vimeo.

Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

First Update in 2010

Hi everyone,

NEVER AGAIN are back from their first europe mainland tour. It was such a blast. Thanks to all promoters. Their 7" called "Pressure" will be out this month on Worship! We keep you updated. CORNERED are still on tour, check them out if you have the chance:

07.01 Vienna, Austria @ Shelter
08.01 Budapest, Hungry @ Pogo Loco
09.01 Arnhem, Holland @ The Stage "First Mosh in 2010"

more updates soon.

Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2009

Never Again / Stay Hungry Euro Tour 2010

NEVER AGAIN will be hitting the mainland in spring 2010 with our mates STAY HUNGRY. Their debut 7” will be out this winter on Worship Records. Sweden’s STAY HUNGRY just released their new 10” on Reflections Records.

STAY HUNGRY (SWE | Reflections Records)

NEVER AGAIN (UK | Worship Records)

period: 02 April – 10 April 2010

Get in touch if you are interested in doing a show:

Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

State Of Affairs

Alot of things were happening lately in the Worship-HQ!

First off the CORNERED / COLD SNAP Split 7" will FINALLY be here at the end of the week! We´re extremely sorry for the delays, but there were some difficulties at the pressing-plant.

The release-show will be on the November 27th in Bielefeld together with A.Y.S., BLACK FRIDAY 29, RISE & FALL and IRON AGE! Be there!

Furthermore the pre-orders for the NEVER AGAIN "Pressure" 7" are starting TODAY! Be quick and get a free Poster with your order plus transparent green vinyl! Check out their new songs at our myspace page: We´ll keep you posted!

Pre-order at or

To support their releases both CORNERED and NEVER AGAIN will be on tour this Winter:


01.01.2010 Merksplaas, BE

02.01.2010 Messancy, BE

03.01.2010 TBA

04.01.2010 München, DE

05.01.2010 Florence, IT

06.01.2010 Vicenza, IT

07.01.2010 Wien, AT

08.01.2010 Budapest, HU

09.01.2010 Salzburg, AT


27.12.2009 TBA

28.12.2009 Nürenberg, DE

29.12.2009 Salzburg, AT

30.12.2009 Wien, AT

31.12.2009 Mönchengladbach, DE

01.01.2009 Merksplaas, BE

02.01.2009 Canterbury, UK

More updates next week!