Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

The Future´s looking bright, brothers and sisters!

Hi everyone,

there are a lot of things in the making at the WSR-HQ! We´ll give you a little summary.


First of all, NEVER AGAINs debut 7" called "Pressure" is out now and can be ordered either from or

Expect six tracks of raging high-speed hardcore-punk and stomping mosh! Be quick, so you don´t have to whine when NEVER AGAIN are going through the roof and you didn´t get your copy in time!

Also the CORNERED / COLD SNAP split 7" is still available! Be quick, we´re down to our last copies!

We are also very proud to announce that Germanys best kept secret and long-time friends KINGDOM joined the WSR-Family! After being the longest-running german band without a proper release for far too long we´re going to release their debut 7" in late April! Heavily rock-influenced Hardcore from Cologne! We´ll keep you updated


To support the release of their EP NEVER AGAIN are doing a sweet little tour with Sweden´s best STAY HUNGRY in April!

Here are the dates so far:

02.04 Jönköping, Sweden @ Insekten
03.04 Wunstorf, Germany @ Wohnwelt
04.04 Arnhem, Netherlands @ The Stage
05.04 Belgium TBC
06.04 Paderborn, Germany @ Kulturwerkstatt
07.04 Nürnberg, Germany @ Kunstverein
08.04 Wroclaw, Poland @ CRK
09.04 Pozan, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat
10.04 Forst, Germany @ Bunten Haus

Also, since 2010 is the official NEVER AGAIN-year they will do another european-tour in September. This time supporting none other than A.Y.S. together with californias own ROTTING OUT.

This tour is happening between the 3rd and the 18th September. If you can hook us up with a show contact

Also FORFEIT are comming back to Europe! This time supported by CORNERED.

The period is from 5th to 25th of July. it´s the same game for this tour, write to if you can help us out with a show!

KINGDOM are available for weekend-dates throughtout the whole year. Just write us!

Also COLD SNAP will be playing the LIGHT THE FUSE-Fest on 27th February and will also be seen on the mainland later in 2010.


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