Dienstag, 30. März 2010

NEVER AGAIN tour starting this week!

Dear brothers and sisters,

the NEVER AGAIN 2010 touring-marathon continues! This time they´re taking Sweden´s fellow edge-men STAY HUNGRY with them!
Support europe´s new breed! Go to the shows, buy a shirt, a record, whatever! They deserve it!

02.04 Jönköping, Sweden @ Insekten
03.04 Wunstorf, Germany @ Wohnwelt
04.04 Arnhem, Netherlands @ The Stage 05.04 Izegem, Belgium @ JOC De Schuur
06.04 Paderborn, Germany @ Kulturwerkstatt
07.04 Nürnberg, Germany @ Kunstverein
08.04 Wroclaw, Polad @ CRK Squat
09.04 Pozan, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat
10.04 Forst, Germany @ Bunten Haus

Also I (Niels) will be on tour with Kiel´s modern-hardcore monster ANY PORT IN THE STORM (www.myspace.com/apitshc), so the office will be closed till April 12th.
I will still be checking my emails, but if you place an order don´t expect it to be shipped before that date!

Take care!

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