Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

FORFEIT are calling it quits / SKULLCRUSHER / STAY HUNGRY euro-tour

Dear brothers and sisters,

we hate to tell you FORFEIT are no longer a band and therefor won´t come over this summer. CORNERED will still be doing a little europe-tour with Wales´ own IRONCLAD! Check the dates on and help them out if you can!

The good news is we are sending our good friends in STAY HUNGRY on the road again this fall! This time supporting none other than Americas allstar-band SKULLCRUSHER!!

Skull Crusher is an attempt by obsessed fans of hard music to capture that elusive gray where hardcore, metal, and rock morph into one relentless wall of sound where everything seems somewhat classic and familiar, yet simultaneously fresh and dynamic. The backbone is classic New York Hardcore, but with the nods to vintage thrash metal and sinister, overdriven hard rock. In a word: Power.

Ed McKirdy [Hands Tied, Triple Threat, The Killing Flame] on vocals
Gordo [Double Cross] on drums
Dan Cav [Resurrection, Mouthpiece] on guitar
Hugo Fitzgerald [On the Rise] on bass

Joining them on tour are Skull Crusher´s labelmates Stay Hungry from sweden. Stay Hungry will release their new LP in summer/fall this year.

SKULL CRUSHER (us | livewire records, reflections records)

STAY HUNGRY (se | reflections records)

The time-period for this tour is: 28th of October - 10th of November 2010

Get in touch if you are interested in doing a show:

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