Montag, 27. September 2010

COLDBURN & WORLD PEACE sign with Worship Records

Dear brothers and sisters,

it has been a long, boring and eventless summer. But with the fog and rain comes news from the WSR-headquarters.

First and foremost I´m happy to inform you that we have two new signings to announce:

(Leipzig / Berlin) 

we at WSR had an eye on this pretty young band from eastern Germany for quite some time now. So when we heard that they were writing new songs for an EP we just had to act and get our hands on them.

This masterpiece of dark and heavy Hardcore entitled "Hybris" will see the light of day in late December 2010.

Expect some release infos, cover-artwork and pre-orders within the next few weeks.


Not as young but just as awesome are Dinslaken´s own WORLD PEACE. Having released two demos and a split 7" with ONE ON ONE and having played a ton of shows over the last three years these guys know the deal.

Six new songs for their 7" on WSR are being recorded right now. Expect some raw and dirty old-school Hardcore mixed with a good dose of NYHC.

Details such as release-date, artwork and pressing infos will be released later this year.

On the downside NEVER AGAIN decided to call it quits after a successfull tour together with AYS and WAYFARER last month. Their last shows will be:

9th October - This Is Europe Fest - Holland
15th October - Purple Turtle - London
16th October - Gothenburg Edge Day - Sweden
7th November - CTW Fest  - Canterbury

Come to these shows and pay your last respect to a band that truly shook up the scene!


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